Monday, May 6, 2013

Project 6 Polygonal Portrait, A Digital You

Project 6 Polygonal Portrait, A Digital You
 I had a lot of difficulties with this project and wanted to show that I tried. I have several different objects that I thought would apply to me as self. I have learned a lot about this program, but I really think a manual would have helped. I was able to add color and shape although not perfectly. I want to learn more about this program and work with it, but not getting frustrated.  I really did have fun experimenting and creating what I could. Just need practice.  I am a big Star Wars fan so When I created the Tie Interceptor I thought that is  me.


Sunday, April 28, 2013


Robot Futures

is the post I have chosen from The New Aesthetic Tumblr. It is actually a book about what it will be like in the future living with robots of all kinds. Nourbakhsh has many different views in his book about what the robots will be like and how intelligent they will be. I chose this post because I am fascinated by robots and robotics and would be glad in a way to see robots with intelligence in the future. it also reminds me of Isac Asimov I-Robot  and Sky-Net from the Terminator series.There are a few other note worthy ones too. Imagine walking around and seeing robots doing everything humans do and communicating with them as if they were actually humans. It will be interesting in the years to come to see how far intelligence and machine will go.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Project 4 Video Emulation Final

 Project 4 Video Emulation

Sam Johnson  "What is Art?"        Michael Snow  "So This Is"

Well, Here I have the final video ready, it looked like it would be very easy right?, well the filming was done one object at a time for around 30 seconds, I thought that would be to short, each one then put into final cut for the editing and export. the audio was done with my own voice distorted, I liked that idea, along with a cover band that did an instrumental version of  The Scorpions "The Zoo" put up on YouTube by Rogger Diego, Published on Dec 30, 2012  Rhythm Guitar:  Rogger Diego Lead guitar: Rafael Konzen Bass: Iuri Antônio. mixed in Garage band with my audio. The final video ended up being 5:47, too long, so I had major rendering problems. I finally was able to shrink it done to 3:40. I still had major rendering problems and it took a long time, with exporting also. I really hope you enjoy it.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Reading 2: Questions Video Art

Video Art
According to the Article Video Art, in what year did Vasulkas work with and manipulate computer based digital images? Home (1973) artfully incorporated colorizing and electronic imaging techniques,   also  Vocabulary (1973-74) used digital manipulation.

In looking through the history and different decades of the video Art Article, How do you suppose the current times have changed or added to Video Expression? For this decade I believe it could have been written with the effects of how youtube has changed everything. Now anyone and everyone can make a video and call it art or be able to express themselves and share with anyone in the world and all to see.

What were the two types of early video practices? They were activist-driven documentary and art videos. 

Monday, March 11, 2013

In Progress Report Project 4

Good Morning,
it was a little bit of a struggle to think of a concept and work with the film I chose, I think I like with what I came up with so far, What is Art? I have shot some very raw ideas and will see how it goes together, wand what length I will actually want it to be.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Project 4 Video Emulation

For this project, I have chosen Canadian  Artist  Michael Snow (b. 1929). The title of his clip is "So This Is" (1982). It is a silent film telling somewhat of a story with words held up to the camera. When I first saw it, I was thinking na, but as i watched it, I was thinking about the very early films from the 1920s etc. How cool it could be to use something like this that may look simple but could be a challenge. The film is silent, do I may have a chance to add my own soundtrack, another challenge great.